Rick Reynolds and “How Could You?”

Photo by Carole Good

Rick Reynolds is currently running a series on how a normally good person can even entertain the idea of an affair. This week’s installment is very good. It’s very much like what my husband told me after I discovered his affair: moral justification.

Here is the link to Rick’s article:


Hope all is well with you!


2 thoughts on “Rick Reynolds and “How Could You?”

  1. I was just reading these articles and I really feel like he is shedding some light for me on my husband’s behavior.

    • Not Over It says:

      Rick, having been the cheating spouse, knows how to get down into the minds of cheaters, and he writes in a logical, straightforward manner that is easy to understand. He is also one of those people that gives me hope for the possibilities of a future with my husband.

      I’m just getting back into blogging. Hope you are doing well and moving forward. Your blog name has new meaning for me – This will not define us. Perfect!

      Love & prayers,

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