Out sick

Sorry everyone- out sick. Can’t even write. I’ll try tomorrow.

You all can write to each other if you’d like. Some people are doing that already.



12 thoughts on “Out sick

  1. cathmae says:

    Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

  2. wallybear12 says:

    Awww get we’ll soon
    That’s for thinking of us

  3. Foolish Woman says:

    Sorry to read that you’re unwell.
    Sending you healing thoughts and sincere wishes that you shake it off very soon.

  4. Sorry to hear that DJ. Wishing you well and very soon. Take good care of yourself. Lots of love. xxx

  5. junebug says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, DJ. Take care.

  6. Teresa says:

    Praying you feel better soon, DJ! We miss you around here, you keep this joint movin’! LOL! Drink lots of fluids and act like a man…you know, sit around and act like you’re dying, and make everyone miserable! ;D

  7. exercisegrace says:

    Praying you are feeling better and completely well for the holidays!

  8. Liberty says:

    Hope your feeling better today DJ! Take care of yourself…

  9. Teresa says:

    Wow, DJ its been five days…I hope you’re feeling much better! Praying for you!

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