Fellow blogger and friend Fighter and Survivor has put up some outstanding posts this week. I told her that this one should be her anthem. I’m singing right along and getting psyched to enjoy a fantastic weekend. I already knew the song, but never really paid attention to the words until today…

Fighterandsurvivor's Blog


I’m feeling a bit inspired tonight.  Recently, Not Over It posted “Music To Vent By” on her awesome blog and I’d like to add to it and keep it going.  Up until tonight, I haven’t really listened to the words of this song by David Guetta featuring the most talented Sia.  It got my blood pumping and I sang it all night long.  Once in a while we need that kick in the butt song and I think this is definitely one of them.

Also, this song is dedicated to all the repulsive, useless, desperate and just plain pathetic Other Women and Men out there (and a little bit to the Ex or still Cheating and Lying Husbands and Wives too).  This is for all the lowlifes who has tried to violate us and bring us down but have FAILED.

because We are TITANIUM.


You shout it loud…

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  1. eatmyscabs says:

    i like it. sometimes i feel like hauling butt like that on my bike.

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