“… But I Still Loved You”

Beautifulmess7 shared a post from someone else and added her own thoughts on this infamous line that so many of us betrayed spouses have heard from our wayward spouses:  “…but I still loved you.”  Her post is so good I’m going to share it just as it is.  It was perfect for the things I am thinking about today.

“… But I Still Loved You”.


6 thoughts on ““… But I Still Loved You”

  1. Thanks for the love! I’m glad his thoughtful words are getting some face time.

    • Not Over It says:

      And thank you for the great info and wonderful post! For such a young woman, you show great insights.

      Hope life is smooth sailing for you today…

      Love & prayers,

  2. SHAPE says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It really says a lot and gives so much to think about.

  3. Not Over It says:

    Hi SHAPE – it does, doesn’t it? My thanks again to Beautifulmess for sharing it.

    The wayward spouse in the post is one of those few I call my heroes. He has faced it head on, and is doing the work to fix his issues and re-create his marriage. I pray this every day for all the wayward spouses in our lives.

    Hope all is well with you, SHAPE. Have a great weekend!

    Love & prayers,

    • SHAPE says:

      Hi NOI–I copied and pasted what Beautifulmess shared into a folder I have of posts, blogs, quotes, etc that I come across that are especially meaningful. I have some of yours in their as well. Then I can read them when I need some comfort and understanding!
      I attended a BAN (Beyond Affairs Network) meeting last night – the second one I have gone to (although it had been a year since I went to the first one). It was so helpful also to hear the others who really have so many of the same issues, and also to have them encourage me to speak out more to my husband about my feelings.
      Also read today a possible way to start a sentence when I want to say something to my husband that he has done that bothers me: “It may not have been your intention, but here’s what I felt when you said…”
      Anyway, I may try this the next time.
      Love and prayers for you, too!

  4. Not Over It says:

    Hi SHAPE – I always relate well with the BAN newsletters – I can imagine that the meetings must be good, too. That sentence starter is really good. It would help to keep those defenses from shooting up.

    I also have a folder of favorite writings, and you are also among them. I am honored to be a part of yours. And yes, this last post from Beautifulmess is there, too. It helps so much to share with one another…


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