A new season

Yesterday I posted about my wake up call and how I could not let my husband’s foolishness kill off DJ as she was prior to D-day.  I have been thinking on it, and find it a daunting task.  But I need to make a start… so I’m changing the look of my blog and I’ve made some changes in the organization of my home.  This will help me to think differently.  I’ll continue to make changes as I move along, but today I am just setting myself up for a change of perspective – a new season.  I’m still whirling around some and feeling out of control at times on this roller coaster, but now recognizing the turns and loops and handling them a little better.

Will there still be backwards steps?  Sure.  For the past week I have cried my eyes out all over again, triggered by my husband’s business trip, grieving about everything, and feeling like I had fallen way, way down again.  I probably drove my coach James batty with my wild fluctuations in moods and insecurities.  But I want to start rediscovering that sense of self that I had lost in my trauma.  I WILL move forward.


10 thoughts on “A new season

  1. Love the new look! I’m rooting for you DJ! I know you’ll inspire me to make changes as well. I need it!

  2. Not Over It says:

    We’ll do it together, Fighter. We both have so much to look forward to. You, especially…

    Sending love & prayers to you and your family,

  3. recover1day says:

    Yes you will! Cheering!!!!

  4. backonmyown says:

    I love your new look. Changing your scenery a bit sounds sane and positive to me.

  5. I love the new look, too. Maybe it’s time for a little Spring Cleaning of my own. 🙂

  6. Not Over It says:

    I never paid a whole lot of attention to the themes before, but it’s rather fun – and the new look of my office/art room at home makes me smile. Hope you enjoy it, too!


  7. AngelWings says:

    Sometimes we do just need to do something that empowers us. Change can be a wonderful way of moving forward and building our self esteem back up. Taking charge of something and making it happen too keeps our mind focus on the task at hand and away from other things. And of course good friends to encourage us along the way. Keep moving forward DJ. I feel your on your way to rediscovering your old self with a new twist. 🙂

    • Not Over It says:

      That’s it exactly, AngelWings – I know people change as they experience life. I just want to get back to ability to focus and give dedicated effort. Then I’ll be me again, just with little extra twist. Thank you – I’m going to put that phrase on my mirror to look at every day.

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