Candle of Hope

When I was the deepest part of my despair, down in that Abyss of Abandonment, words of encouragement rang hollow.  There was nothing anyone could say that made me feel better.  There was nothing anyone could do that brought me even a step out of the shock and hurt.  Nothing could penetrate that cloud of pain.

I am better now.  Oh, there are still times when I fall down again, but I don’t go as far down anymore, and I get back up more quickly.  My coach says that’s real progress.  So now I can look at words of encouragement and really be encouraged by them – most of the time anyway.  A friend sent the following passage to me, and I thought I’d share it with you.  Maybe you are at a point where it cannot penetrate your pain.  Or maybe you are ready for encouragement.  Either way, I hope that reading this might add a tiny bit of fuel to that little candle of hope burning in your heart.  It’s there.  Even if you don’t feel it right now, it’s there.  Remember that it is there.  I forgot and it made my recovery that much more difficult and lengthy.  That’s why I keep it burning now on my blog’s home page and in all my comments.  My candle of hope – I will turn it into a bonfire of victory some time in my journey.

From the book Serenity Prayers by June Cotner

“The best way to find myself is to be lost.  It’s at those times when I’m vulnerable, weak, and scared that I learn the most.  In my quest for answers, my search for the right path, I discover who I really am:  a courageous soul, a brave warrior, a fighter.  And with the help of family, friends, and faith, I finally conquer and find my way.  I emerge stronger and have a deeper sense of what makes me special and unique.  I know every obstacle is really an opportunity, and that win or lose, I will survive.”

–Joanne Hirase-Stacey


6 thoughts on “Candle of Hope

  1. backonmyown says:

    This is a wonderful encouraging post. Thank you. Love the quote, too.

  2. Not Over It says:

    Thank you, Pat. Reading the quote was like a deep breath of fresh air for me, and I just had to pass it on with a few words of my own. Hope you are starting off to a bright new week.

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