He’s looking older

My husband is four years older than me, but throughout our lives, he has looked younger.  He’s one of those lucky ones that seemed to have been born with muscle tone.  Even after he turned 50, he had no wrinkles or sagging skin and he still had six-pack abs.  Handsome – no doubt about it.

But yesterday, a friend gave us a picture he had taken of us at a party a couple of weeks ago.  I was surprised.  I knew that my husband had aged in the past year, but looking at that picture really brought it into focus.  Apparently, he has been stressed.  It shows all over his face and his hair.

This same friend took a similar shot of us in last December.  The difference is very noticable.  I’m the one who feels like she has been hit by a train, but I look about the same, just a little thinner.  He looks several years older.

I suppose he has been suffering, too.  He puts up this big front of being unaffected, but his face says it all.

He still has six-pack abs, though.  My stud muffin… I still find him incredibly attractive.


One thought on “He’s looking older

  1. Kris says:

    DJ yes he’s suffering and as usual (like most men) he’s not he’s expressing anything. My husband doesn’t talk about his feelings IN ANY WAY but I can see the stress on his face all the time.

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