Peeking out from my cave

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a new post.  I just kind of shut down in order to keep functioning in my daily life.  I closed myself off to the world, shutting my soul in a dark cave, hiding my heart and my hurt and I just worked myself to the bone at my job.  I’m only now starting to peek out from the darkness to see what everyone is doing.  I see there are still some people who come to visit my blog.  It warms my heart to know that.  My heart has been in the dark cold and needed a little boost to be able to handle the heat and pressures outside.  Thank you.

It’s been 8-1/2 months since D-day, and I am still with my husband, but things are not going well.  He is so good at crushing my spirit.  Even my therapist said he fears for my marriage.  I’ll write more about it soon.  I just wanted to say hi – I’m still alive and I appreciate your visit.


One thought on “Peeking out from my cave

  1. Foolish Woman says:

    I drop by from time to time to see you you’re doing.

    Sorry to hear things are not going well for you in your relationship.
    Eight-and-a-half months isn’t long, though it certainly feels like an eternity when you’re in the midle of this infidelity fallout stuff.
    In our case, it’s taken my husband the best part of two years to cope with his guilt and failure. Those feelings coloured a lot of his behaviour towards me and I felt very rejected much of the time. It’s taken forever for us to work through all that negativity and get our marriage back on track.

    I hope that, one way or another, you’ll find peace and happiness again.

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